Canada: Teen kills two officers on duty in Edmonton

1 week ago

Photos of nan 2 officers successful azygous successful their charismatic constabulary portrait

Travis Jordan (left) worked pinch nan Edmonton Police for much than 8 years, while Brett Ryan (right) had been an serviceman for much than 5 years

Two constabulary officers successful nan occidental Canadian state of Alberta were changeable and killed successful nan statement of work while responding to a family dispute.

The fishy successful nan fatal shooting is simply a 16-year-old male, constabulary successful nan metropolis of Edmonton person said.

Police said nan teen died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The teenager's mother, a 55-year-old woman, was besides changeable and taken to infirmary pinch life-threatening injuries.

The officers killed were Travis Jordan, 35, and Brett Ryan, 30. Both worked pinch nan Edmonton Police Service. Mr Jordan had been pinch nan unit for much than 8 years, while Mr Ryan had been an serviceman for much than 5 years.

Police Chief Dale McFee said nan 2 officers were changeable connected Thursday aft responding to a home conflict telephone astatine an flat analyzable successful Edmonton astatine astir 00:47 section clip (06:47 GMT).

The telephone was made by nan suspect's mother, constabulary said, and officers met her extracurricular nan building. As they approached nan apartment, nan officers were changeable aggregate times by a young antheral fishy astatine nan door.

Devin Laforce, Edmonton police's main lawman of investigations, said neither officers discharged their firearm arsenic they had "no opportunity" to do so. They besides were not alert that nan teen had a limb anterior to arriving, arsenic nan first 911 telephone made nary mention of it.

Deputy Chief Laforce said nan fishy and his mother past sewage into an altercation, during which she was changeable arsenic well.

Police did not sanction nan fishy aliases his mother, who remains successful infirmary successful superior but unchangeable condition.

Chief McFee said nan 2 officers were fixed assistance instantly and rushed to hospital. "Unfortunately, they were some declared deceased astatine nan hospital," he said.

Deputy Chief Laforce said nan teen was known to police, who had responded to nan flat successful nan past for "non-violent" intelligence wellness calls. The fishy did not person a criminal record, he said.

Police did not uncover what type of weapon was utilized successful nan shooting, and said they are presently investigating wherever it originated from.

Condolences person poured successful from respective constabulary forces astir Canada, including successful Vancouver and Toronto, arsenic good arsenic from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"Every day, constabulary officers put themselves successful harm's measurement to support group safe," Mr Trudeau said successful a station connected Twitter. "The news that 2 Edmonton constabulary officers person been killed successful nan statement of work reminds america of that reality. I'm sending my condolences to nan officers' loved ones and colleagues - we're present for you."

Edmonton politician Amarjeet Sohi described it arsenic a "very difficult and sad day".

"Every day, families of nan constabulary officers nonstop their loved ones disconnected to duty, to activity and dream they return location safely," Mr Sohi said.

"We clasp you successful our hearts arsenic you mourn this profound nonaccomplishment and we mourn it pinch you," he said.

Eight constabulary officers person been killed connected nan statement of work successful Canada successful nan past six months. The different fatalities occurred successful Ontario and British Columbia.

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