Guardiola’s ruthless machine hand old favourite Kompany a harsh lesson

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Manchester City had won nan erstwhile 10 matches against Burnley pinch an aggregate people of 34-1. All of those games took spot against sides managed by Sean Dyche, a very different style of squad to nan 1 created by Vincent Kompany but, six goals later, immoderate things ne'er change. The Belgian has turned nan Clarets from a dour but businesslike squad to being breathtaking and free-wheeling but nan reality of what he faces adjacent play became evident connected Saturday night.

Promotion is fundamentally guaranteed, it would return an almighty demise to springiness up their 16-point lead connected 3rd pinch a crippled successful manus successful nan last 2 months of nan season. Their power successful nan convention allowed Kompany to prime an almost full-strength squad astatine nan Etihad. The fans welcomed him backmost by serenading their erstwhile skipper but this was a business arena for Kompany.

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Unfortunately for Burnley and their manager, hat-trick hobbyist Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne are a fewer cuts supra their accustomed opponents. The visitors offered nan aforesaid strength to what they person fixed successful their 37 convention games early connected but quickly recovered retired that they needed much than workrate and clever positional play to support City astatine bay.

Burnley person scored astatine a complaint of 2 a crippled successful nan Championship, while having nan champion defence but that counted for nothing. City are liable to a correction erstwhile passing astir astatine nan backmost and nan changeless unit of nan Burnley guardant statement ensured they made errors, gifting openings to nan Clarets, but they were incapable to return advantage erstwhile their fewer opportunities arose.

Stalwarts of nan Dyche era, Ashley Barnes, Jack Cork and Charlie Taylor mightiness person been having flashbacks to their Premier League days from nan chair arsenic they watched City bask 80% possession successful nan first 15 minutes. Burnley are utilized to having nan mostly of nan shot but Kompany knew that would not beryllium imaginable against nan Premier League champions and is intelligent capable to realise a gung-ho cognition would person near them excessively unfastened against an elite side, deciding to spell man to man connected City to effort to incorporate them.

City were incapable to break down Burnley pinch easiness early on, resulting successful Pep Guardiola calling Haaland complete successful nan 24th infinitesimal for a chat connected nan sideline to supply instructions and a tweak of his domiciled to beryllium connected nan past man, having played deeper astatine times successful nan opening quarter. It paid dividends erstwhile Julián Álvarez sent nan shot done for Haaland to flick location nan first and he added a 2nd acknowledgment to a pinpoint Phil Foden cross. These are harsh lessons of coming up against 1 of nan champion sides successful Europe. City made nan astir of being fixed abstraction for a divided second, pinch Álvarez and Foden capable to utilise it without a 2nd thought and Burnley incapable to react.

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It was a chance for Kompany to show that Burnley could make nan measurement up. When they travel up location will beryllium much games for illustration this and they request to judge their domiciled arsenic underdogs. At half clip some sides had accumulated 5 shots, pinch Burnley having much connected target, but City had taken their 2 chances to show nan quality successful nan last third. By afloat time, City had quadrupled their number of shots, while Burnley had a solitary effort aft nan break arsenic nan gulf successful people became blatantly apparent.

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City’s power began to show much successful nan 2nd half erstwhile Burnley paid for their exertions by conceding further goals. The hosts were permitted much abstraction successful which to run and they were much than happy to utilise it. Being capable to nutrient Kompany’s high-tempo successful nan Premier League for 90 minutes, 38 times successful succession, will beryllium difficult. He will amended nan squad successful nan summertime but whitethorn request to adopt a much pragmatic attack against nan elite.

The nonaccomplishment was a sadistic realisation for Kompany aft an almost flawless play but he knows it is simply a learning curve for him and his players. He spent his last years astatine City learning from Guardiola and was taught different valuable instruction successful defeat. Kompany has 5 months to crippled for nan apical formation but that mightiness not beryllium agelong capable to travel up pinch a scheme to extremity Haaland and City.

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