Robbie Williams Randomly Picks Fan From Audience He Chose 20 Years Ago: 'Nice to See You Again'

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 Robbie Williams performs connected shape during nan "Wetten, dass...?" Live Show connected November 19, 2022 successful Friedrichshafen, Germany. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 19: Robbie Williams performs connected shape during nan "Wetten, dass...?" Live Show connected November 19, 2022 successful Friedrichshafen, Germany. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Andreas Rentz/Getty Robbie Williams pictured connected "Wetten, dass...?"

Robbie Williams might've conscionable met his luckiest fan.

The "Angels" singer, 49, shared a heartfelt statement astir a instrumentality he met and randomly picked retired astatine his performance successful Budapest this past week.

But arsenic it turns out, it wasn't Williams' first clip gathering nan performance attendee, arsenic he was really nan aforesaid instrumentality that he brought connected shape during a Budapest circuit extremity 20 years earlier!

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"So this happened 2 nights agone successful Budapest - I chose personification from nan assemblage to travel down to nan beforehand and, amazingly, I chose nan aforesaid feline that I picked retired from nan assemblage successful Budapest 20 years ago," Williams wrote.

"The likelihood of that happening? 174,240,000 to 1," he continued. "Nice to spot you again, sir. Love from Rob x."

Alongside nan saccharine caption, Williams uploaded 2 photos: 1 of him and nan instrumentality astatine his astir caller Budapest gig, and 1 of him embracing Williams 20 years before. In nan first picture, Williams tin beryllium seen giving nan man a ray hug, while successful nan throwback photograph from 2003, nan guys person their arms crossed each different on pinch different members of Williams' band.

Williams' performance reunion comes amid nan European limb of his XXV Tour, which marks 25 years of his solo career. The erstwhile Take That prima announced nan circuit backmost successful September 2022.

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Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams

HGL/Getty Robbie Williams

Williams' chance brushwood pinch his longtime instrumentality isn't nan only reunion to return spot this week, arsenic Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Dave Coulier and Andrea Barber all reunited connected Saturday at 90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut, to reminisce about their Full House days.

Members of nan iconic sitcom's formed each sat together connected a sofa while chatting pinch PEOPLE's Dory Jackson, arsenic they discussed their willingness to activity together again connected a caller task — and 1 that specifically honors nan legacy of their precocious friend Bob Saget, who died a twelvemonth ago.

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"I would emotion to do Fullest House, wherever possibly it's for illustration each of america arsenic adults, and we're benignant of for illustration the Friends cast wherever we beryllium astir and talk, and we stock moments, and we support Bob's bequest alive," Coulier offered, to which Barber interjected: "We're doing that correct now."

Coulier besides added that he "would emotion to do that" because of nan beardown relationships he has pinch Bure, Sweetin and Barber. "They're truthful overmuch fun. I can't show you really overmuch we laugh. We conscionable laughter and emotion each other," Coulier shared connected stage. "The days alert by, and you don't want them to extremity because we person truthful overmuch emotion for each different and truthful overmuch fun. You either person that chemistry aliases you don't. It's beautiful amazing."

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