St Patrick's Day: Biden meeting Irish and NI political leaders in Washington

1 week ago

Joe Biden receiving a vessel of shamrocks from Leo Varadkar

Taoiseach (Irish PM) Leo Varadkar presents US President Joe Biden pinch nan accepted vessel of shamrock to people St Patrick's Day astatine nan White House

President Biden has said he will make a sojourn to nan land of Ireland "soon".

He was hosting Taoiseach (Irish PM) Leo Varadkar astatine nan White House arsenic portion of events to people St Patrick's Day.

The president is besides gathering nan leaders of nan 5 main Stormont parties connected Friday.

However, he has yet to corroborate if he will sojourn Northern Ireland to people nan 25th day of nan Good Friday Agreement adjacent month.

He ignored astir questions from reporters during a property convention successful nan Oval Office but erstwhile asked astir a sojourn to Ireland he said it would hap "soon".

He said that he reaffirmed his administration's support for nan Good Friday Agreement.

The president has besides utilized Friday's engagements to sound beardown support for the caller Windsor Framework.

"It's a vital, captious measurement and it's going to thief to guarantee that each nan group successful Northern Ireland person an opportunity to realise their afloat potential," he told Northern Ireland's governmental leaders during a luncheon arena connected Capitol Hill.

On Sunday PM Rishi Sunak said he had extended an induce to nan president to sojourn Northern Ireland to return portion successful events relating to nan bid deal.

A fountain extracurricular nan White House pumps greenish h2o for St Patrick's Day

Political leaders from nan land of Ireland are successful Washington for St Patrick's Day

Mr Varadkar said he appreciated nan "support and understanding" from nan US complete Brexit and nan Northern Ireland Protocol successful caller years.

Both leaders besides thanked each different for co-operation successful narration to nan warfare successful Ukraine.

Traditionally US presidents make a sojourn to Ireland halfway done a statesmanlike term.

Mr Biden has made overmuch of his Irish roots and it is expected he will make a travel covering Northern Ireland, Dublin and County Mayo, wherever his ancestors are from.

Analysis container by Enda McClafferty, NI governmental editor

Analysis container by Enda McClafferty, NI governmental editor

It each followed a acquainted script.

Warm words astir a lukewarm relationship complete pinch log occurrence and shamrock bowl.

Then a barrage of questions from 50-plus reporters but not 1 answer.

As we were being rushed retired nan Oval Office doorway I tried again.

When are you coming to Ireland Mr President? He smiled and said "soon".

Both leaders were good warned to springiness thing away.

Details of nan statesmanlike travel whitethorn look later aliases possibly not.

Northern Ireland governmental leaders, business figures and PSNI Chief Constable Simon Byrne were among those to subordinate President Biden astatine nan House Speaker's luncheon connected Capitol Hill.

Mr Biden praised nan leaders for presenting a agreed beforehand pursuing the shooting of a elder detective successful Omagh, County Tyrone, past month.

"Let maine opportunity really important it was to spot you opinionated enarthrosis to enarthrosis pinch Chief Constable Byrne confirming your committedness to nan early pursuing nan attempted execution of Detective Chief Inspector Caldwell," said Mr Biden.

"We each person to proceed to activity to protect bid and stability," he added.

Jeffrey Donaldson astatine nan achromatic house

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson says he isn't emotion unit from President Biden

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has been boycotting power-sharing astatine Stormont complete its guidance to nan waste and acquisition arrangements that resulted from nan original Brexit deal.

DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has yet to sound an sentiment connected nan recently projected Windsor Framework.

  • The Windsor Framework: At-a-glance

Speaking aft Friday's lunch, Sir Jeffrey said he was "not astatine all" pressured by President Biden to support nan deal.

"We will spot nan president a small later astatine nan White House and I expect location mightiness beryllium immoderate further chat location astir nan authorities of each of this but we'll return our clip to get nan correct determination - I deliberation that's fundamentally important," he told BBC News NI successful Washington.

"I don't consciousness nether immoderate pressure."

NI Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris and US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland, Joe Kennedy III astatine Capitol Hill lunch

NI Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris, seated beside nan caller US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland, Joe Kennedy III astatine nan Capitol Hill luncheon connected Friday

Mr Varadkar performed nan traditional handing complete of a vessel of shamrock to nan US president earlier successful nan Oval Office.

On Thursday nighttime nan taoiseach apologised for an "ill-judged" remark that was seen arsenic a reference to nan Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, which he had made during a reside successful nan city.

Monica Lewinsky was a young White House intern erstwhile she and nan then-US President Bill Clinton embarked connected an matter successful nan 1990s.

Leo Varadkar

Leo Varadkar regrets nan "intern" remark he made during his speech, says his spokesman

The taoiseach was making an reside to nan Washington Ireland Programme, which helps young group create profession skills.

He took portion successful nan programme successful 2000 and successful his reside connected Thursday he made reference to imaginable interest astir being an intern astatine nan clip successful nan White House.

After nan arena a spokesperson for Mr Varadkar said "the taoiseach was reminiscing astir his clip successful Washington DC arsenic an intern 23 years ago.

"He made an ill-judged disconnected nan cuff remark which he regrets," said nan spokesman.

"He apologises for immoderate offence caused to anyone concerned."

Trade woody backmost connected nan table?

There has been speculation for immoderate clip that Mr Biden will make a sojourn to Northern Ireland adjacent period to people nan 25th day of nan Good Friday bid agreement.

Former Speaker of nan US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has she hoped that devolved authorities astatine Stormont would beryllium up and moving again by then.

She was speaking aft receiving an honorary doctorate from Ulster University astatine a ceremonial successful Washington.

Last twelvemonth Ms Pelosi warned nan UK authorities against undermining nan Good Friday Agreement done its actions against nan post-Brexit waste and acquisition rules for Northern Ireland.

She had warned that if that happened location would beryllium nary US-UK waste and acquisition deal.

St Patrick's Day celebrations successful nan White House successful 2022

There is euphony and ceremony during nan accepted St Patrick's Day successful nan White House

But past period a woody was struck betwixt nan UK and nan EU connected trading arrangements for Northern Ireland.

Ms Pelosi said she "fully supports" that statement - known arsenic nan Windsor Framework - and that it opened up nan anticipation of a waste and acquisition woody betwixt nan US and nan UK.

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